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Raining Clouds Wall Clock

Raining Clouds Wall Clock

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Introducing our whimsical Raining Clouds Wall Clock, designed to bring a touch of charm to any room. More than just a timepiece, it adds a playful flair to your space.

Crafted with care, this clock features easy-to-read numerals and a design inspired by fluffy clouds and gentle rain. Its silent mechanism ensures a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation and focus.


  • Size: 10 inches
  • Frame: Constructed from durable materials
  • Face: Protected by sturdy plexiglass
  • Installation: Hang effortlessly with the included pre-installed hook
  • Ideal for: Any room seeking a touch of whimsy
  • Power: Requires one AA battery (not included)
  • Mechanism: Silent operation for undisturbed peace

Brighten up your space and add a dash of imagination with our Raining Clouds Wall Clock. Perfect for any room in need of a playful accent, it brings a sense of joy to every glance.

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So cute and ask described

So cute and ask described